About the Geek Girl

The Girl
The name is Jill– I can’t come up with anything more clever than that. “Jill, Jill Bond” just didn’t sound right. I’m a 20-something year old girl obsessed with: comics, video games, certain television shows (no Doctor Who and Sherlock on BBC are not one of them), music, books, movies, and Philadelphia sport teams. I’m sure you get the inkling from the previous statement that I’m from Philadelphia, but I no longer reside there, letting a larger city about 100 miles north whisk me away since 2005. I made this blog because at my old job, we were beginning to implement WordPress, but now I left that one and decided to continue on with it.

The Geek
The geek developed at a young age starting with my dad’s Nintendo and amazing cartoons and old TV shows (Cartoons back when I was a child were amazing compared to what’s out now). I played with action figures instead of Barbies, and watched X-Men, Batman: The Animated Series, and Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, instead of whatever girly TV shows there were as I grew up.  I played video games after school with the guys instead of hanging out with the girls. My best friend (who is still my best friend) was a huge Batman fan and comic book junkie and my fiance is a gamer and a geek like me. I wouldn’t- and don’t- want it any other way.

Want to know more? Take a gander at my introductory post.


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