New York Comic Con 2013 Recap: Sunday- 10/13/2013

Sunday was supposed to be a day filled with awesome panels like Person of Interest, The Following, and Sleepy Hollow. However, some wrenches were thrown into that plan.

Before we left Saturday night, we stopped by the Marvel booth to see if they had a Wolverine statue because we never thought to look there. Unfortunately, they didn’t, but we did find out that Stan Lee was doing a signing on Sunday but that it was a ticketed event. We asked about it and found out that they were doing a raffle Sunday morning. My fiance and I looked at each other and pretty much said at the exact same time, “we gotta try!” So, Sunday morning, we left for the Con an hour early, was very close to the front of the line (which I forgot to mention, on Queue Hall for us, we had Special Access for all 4-Days), and rushed over to the Marvel booth as soon as the doors opened for us.  A guy explained that there were only 100 winners in a box and that only the winners would get Stan’s autograph. We were about 10th in line, so I was a little worried about our chances. I thought that the more people in front of us, the better because all the losers would be taken out, but my fiance thought otherwise. Well, he was right.  He didn’t pick a winner, but I certainly did–

Golden Ticket for Stan Lee

Golden Ticket for Stan Lee

I was ecstatic! Not only were we doing a paid photo-op with the man, I was going to meet him again and get his autograph! I was in heaven! We both totally felt on top of the world the rest of the day until it was our photo op times.  On Sunday we did Patrick Stewart, Hulk Hogan, and Stan Lee. Stan Lee was first on the list and they were quick about it. It was perfect. His shot time was at 1:15, but it started earlier, and he was done before his allotted time slot. However, I can’t say the same for Hulk Hogan… the Hulkster was supposed to be right after Stan at 1:35, but at 1:35 we could all see him still at his autograph table signing and taking pictures with fans (which if we knew we could do that, we would’ve never paid for the photo op cause that meant we would’ve got his autograph and a photo with him). So, we continued to wait and wait; it hit about 2pm– he was still over there– then the photo op people announced Hulk Hogan would be doing photos at 2:25 and they were taking the next photo op first. Now, obviously seeing in the photo above, that posed as a problem to me. My Stan Lee signing was at 2:30 and I don’t like being late or being cut for time. But my fiance assured me that all would be okay, Stan was signing till 3pm, we were about 15th in line for Hulkster, we saw how fast they did Stan. He was right, but I still felt uneasy. Finally, Hulk Hogan came over, we did our photo op, and by the time we were done it was 2:40. We then ran to the exhibitor floor, all the way to the other side of the building pretty much. We get to the Marvel booth and all I saw was utter chaos. I asked a Marvel employee about where I go, I have a golden ticket, they have no idea. So, we went around to the entrance– or so it seemed– to the stage that Stan was on which was also to the line THAT WAS GENERAL PUBLIC for the Stan Lee signing.

Now, weren’t we told earlier that only the ticket holders would get the signing? Yes. Did that happen? Absolutely not (you can throw some expletives in there too). When we got there the guy controlling the line was like “okay last one for the signing!” to a girl in line. I was like “Wait I have a golden ticket!” he actually said to me “What’s a golden ticket?” My mouth dropped as I pulled out the ticket and the card I pulled out that said winner. He then turned around to his co-worker and said, “What is up with people pulling out these golden tickets for the signing?” ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? At this point, I was fuming, and to be quite honest I still am because I was once a Marvel intern. I respect the company, the artists, the other employees, but the way I was treated, and we- the ticket holders- got treated, was completely uncalled for– chaotic or not. But this point in time it was only 2:50, Stan Lee was done and started to leave the stage, luckily his agent maybe or bodyguard, brought him over to the four of us standing there with the tickets, signed whatever we had, then left. And just thinking of this makes me mad.

To be honest, after the Con, I actually sent an email to Marvel about this whole shindig. I haven’t gotten a reply nor to I expect one, but maybe they’ll read it and learn for next time, because that is not the way to treat fans. EVER.  Also, here’s the autograph-

Stan Lee autograph

Stan Lee autograph

Anyway, now that I got that out of my system. I wanted to see the Sleepy Hollow panel that was at 3pm, but there was also a free autographing with the cast at 4pm. From past experience we had a feeling that the line for the autographing was going to be insane, so, we skipped the panel, grabbed food, then headed back over to the autographing hall- only to find that the Sleepy Hollow signing line was all the bad to the escalator. But we decided to give it a shot because lines always shorten because it’s elongated from people sitting down, etc. So, while we were standing there my fiance said he was going to go grab our photos from earlier. The photos were sitting on two or three tables against the wall across from us. I waited a little bit; it was crowded over there, but its easy to pick my fiance out in a crowd, but he wasn’t over there. All of a sudden my phone rings, it’s him. I answered to which he told me that someone in spite or just being a dick decided to swipe all the photos on the table and now he was in line over at the photo op table to get our photos reprinted. I was in shock a bit. Who would do that? Seriously? Are you that pissed off you couldn’t get a photo with Patrick Stewart or John Barrowman that you had to take all the photos and trash them or keep them or do whatever you did to them? But, I do blame Reedpop and Froggy Photos for not having someone guarding the table AND for having the table WWAYYYY far away from the actual photo op area then someone could keep an eye on the table.

There was nothing we could do, so at least we were both in a line. I felt bad because I knew he wanted to go back upstairs for a little and play some of the games he missed out on, but now this threw a wrench into his plan. Then, Fox decided to throw a wrench into mine. They cut the line at 180 people. Where was I? About 200. So, I was disappointed, but at least I could head over to the line where my fiance was then he could go back upstairs, which he did.

The Con closed at 5pm and the literally started breaking things down at the time, and we were still in line for our reprints. We didn’t leave until 5:30 and the line behind us was massive and the pay station for the photo ops was getting bombarded by other angry people who didn’t know what happened yet. I felt kind of bad for the people working the pay station because they couldn’t do anything about it; they’re gathering money and selling the tickets. The other lazy ones in the back should’ve been watching the photos.  Anyways, and that was our New York Comic Con 2013.  Unfortunately, next year’s NYCC lands on the weekend of my wedding, so it will not be possible to attend. However, we plan on making up for it with either PAX East or San Diego Comic Con 2015 or both, who knows 😉

Here’s the pictures from Sunday!

Until next time, xo.


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