The Case for Comic Books in the Classroom

Edgar Allan Poe stories by Graphic Classics.

Edgar Allan Poe stories by Graphic Classics. Click here to check out.

I remember back in grade school how some of us (yes, including myself), would hide a different book (or homework that’s due later or a pocket game) within the book we were using in class and we’d enjoy reading whatever else we were reading, saving our asses for the next class or subject, or just having a grand ol’ time on the handheld game. We were in pure bliss as long as one of the following three things didn’t happen:

  • Your next seat neighbor (or people behind you) rats you out
  • Your teacher calls on you to read the next paragraph
  • Or your teacher calls on you to answer a question about what was just read

If any of those three happen, it was either just a verbal warning and the object was taken away (unless it was homework, then we were screwed), a demerit and the object was taken away, or both and as an added bonus we had to stay after school, or class, to talk to the teacher (whomp, whomp). I remember how sometimes the hidden book was a comic book, because, well, sometimes the stuff we had to read in school was pretty crappy (I apologize to my fine institutions). I also remember how some of us tried to read comic books as our SSR (Silent Sustained Reading for those who may not be familiar) book. However, that would get shut down pretty quickly by the teacher normally saying something along the lines of “that’s not real reading.” When that happened, I normally sighed heavily, rolled my eyes, put the comic away, and picked up a random “real reading” book off the shelf of SSR materials.

What 4th grader wants to read The Diary of Anne Frank? (I have grown to appreciate this book though! Check out my previous blog posts about books that mean something to me). I sure as hell didn’t. But, at that point in time, I didn’t fight about it or tell my parents about it because, well, back then, the teacher was always right. Although, nowadays, I’ve been thinking about why can’t comic books be more acceptable as reading material, and I’ll tell you why…

Moby Dick in Graphic Novel form by Campfire Graphic Novels. Click here to check out on Amazon.

Moby Dick in Graphic Novel form by Campfire Graphic Novels. Click here to check out on Amazon.

When I met my husband, he hated reading. I tried to get him to read so many different books I knew he would enjoy (Game of Thrones, the Warcraft novels, etc.) but either he outright refused or tried it, got through, maybe, 4 or 5 pages, then gave up. It didn’t make sense to me at first. I talked to his mom one day about reading and she said the “he hated reading; he never liked it. English wasn’t his best subject,” So, I assumed that, you know, okay, the guy sucked in English, hated being force-fed Shakespeare and Beowulf, I’ll let him be about it. But then, as our relationship grew and I began to introduce him to other things I enjoyed doing, something changed.

It all started at New York Comic Con 2013. I finally had a job where I was making decent money, so I could go back and accumulate some of the comic story lines I missed that I had originally started back in college. Of course NYCC has a plethora of comic book vendors there selling back issues for dirt cheap, so I made out like a bandit snatching up all of the Jason Aaron written Wolverine’s I hadn’t read. At first, my husband didn’t understand it; why the hell did I want to buy up a bunch of paper that I would read then put away to collect dust and take up space. However, he let me do my thing and so started my accumulation of comics once again. It took another year or so for him to finally start reading (and hoarding) them himself.

He took me to Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash in Red Bank since I had never been there yet and I’m a huge Kevin Smith fan. We only lived about an hour away, so it was a nice trip. Once we got there and browsed a bit, I bought the Infinity trade and he, out of absolutely nowhere, decided to pick up The Immortal Iron Fist trade to try out. I was absolutely shocked; he threatened me and said not to press my luck with him enjoying the reading, but that he’d try since Iron Fist had been a favorite superhero of his. I gave him that and tried my best not to poke fun at him deciding to really try out reading for once. That was the end of the space in our house as we know it. My husband enjoyed it, so he decided to build a PULL LIST at our local comic book shop after reading one decently sized trade. I had created a monster, but a good one.

It was a breath of fresh air to know that my husband was enjoying reading and because of him it made me realize that comic books are pretty much a normal book. How so? Well, instead of a writer stating “Jean Grey stands on the hill, gazing out into the horizon. Her silky red hair, danced in the wind ever so lightly, as Cyclops approached her from behind,” a comic book pretty much states that crazy description within the one scene box that was sketched, penciled, and colored.

That cuts out a lot of words.

V for Vendetta by Alan Moore. Check it out on Amazon.

V for Vendetta by Alan Moore. Check it out on Amazon.

So, my question is, why can’t comic books be utilized as learning tools in school? Why is there some kind of stigma towards it? The teacher can easily vet the comic book if content is the issue. Or, better yet, the teacher can put some kind of requirements to meet for the comic. For example, obviously weekly/monthly comics always have a cliffhanger to get the person to purchase the next comic in the series. However, a lot of comic books are being put into trades pretty damn quickly. The teacher can say that it can only be a trade (so there is a beginning, middle, and end) or it needs to meet a certain amount of page requirements (like the comic must be 50 or 60 pages).

Comics have just as much learning power as a normal book. Just because a normal book is 200+ pages, doesn’t mean that it is supposed to be worth anyone’s time. So, to me, there’s no way an argument about a book being big and long can be used (however, yes, the content and learning aspect could be argued, but that’s why I said the comic could be vetted).

Also, another good thing is that a lot of classic literary books (like Moby Dick, Edgar Allan Poe stories, Sherlock Holmes stories, and more) are already in a comic book or as they call it “graphic novel” form. If you see a student struggling with the book, let him or her try out the comic version of it. The story is still the same. It still has the same meanings and tropes and all that other English course jazz. But instead of numerous amounts of words telling the story, the images do instead.

It’s all about how a person can best consume the material.

Until next time, xo.


Musings on CGI and Video Game Based Movies

Over the past couple weeks the world has been treated to some fantastic leaked footage of various trailers of upcoming movies thanks to some brave souls who broke the rules of SDCC during panels. There were some trailers that surprised me, some that swayed me to go see the movie next year, and some that did absolutely nothing to change my mind (I’m looking at you, Batman vs. Superman).

However, there was leaked footage for one specific movie that I was absolutely blown away by, Warcraft. Now, you can call my biased if you want due to my love for WoW, the older Warcraft games, and Blizzard itself, but Duncan Jones and Co. has made Stormwind, Blasted Lands, and I’m sure a couple others, come to life like any Warcraft (or WoW) player has never seen before. And not only did they bring to life these absolutely massive and grandiose worlds come to life, they made the Horde come to life.

Now, let’s not get me confused for a Horde player because I am totally all for the Alliance, but seeing Orgrim Doomhammer, Blackhand, and the others actually come to life on a movie screen, kind of gave me some chills. But, there was one tiny thing that bothered me when the footage leaked – a certain comment.

You’re probably thinking, ‘really, Jill, a comment grinded your gears?’ Why yes, young padawan, because of the time, skills, and dedication to make a movie like this come to life. If you were lucky enough to see the footage I’m talking about before it was taken down, you may know what I’m talking about. It was toward the beginning of the footage where someone said something to the extent of ‘Oh, great another Avatar, or ‘it looks like another Avatar.’ But in a tone that sounded like ‘Seriously? This is all CGI? Give me a break.’

Did you know a lot of beloved TV shows have a lot of CGI? Game of Thrones is an example. Yes, they do shoot on locations, so why couldn’t the Warcraft team do that? Well, one, can you tell me of a location where a castle, like Stormwind’s, exists that would be safe enough to film within? Also, I’m sure cost came into play as well. Game of Thrones has success behind it, whereas, Warcraft doesn’t – at least not yet. But the comment wasn’t made when a world was on screen; it was made when the orc’s/Horde were on screen. They are these big, green, menacing looking creatures with giant teeth and massive weapons. And, my god, are they spot on. A world and race people have loved for over 10 years (because WoW wasn’t the first game) has come to life in a brilliant way.

Don’t get me wrong, having actual humans do the parts would probably have been okay, but it would have taken a lot of time to get each of them made up, a lot of effort on the actors part to move and, well, act within the prosthetics/makeup, and- in all honesty – they would have probably looked absolutely ridiculous; puny, not menacing, not tall or big, like they’re supposed to be. Without CGI, I feel that the Warcraft movie would not do the justice that it needs to do for the fans who have been craving for this movie for a decade. If this was created 10 years ago, we wouldn’t have seen what we seen at SDCC.

Also, CGI takes a lot of effort for the artists to bring their creations to life. It takes a lot of work and a lot of skill. So, suck it up and enjoy it for what it’s worth; without it, a lot of things wouldn’t look the way it looks on the big screen or television.

Until next time, xo.

A Geek-tastic Wedding!

Whaaa!? She’s Back!

I know haven’t been around in quite sometime. I must say that planning a wedding, getting used to a job at a startup that grew at light speed, and dealing with depression and anxiety issues is quite the load to handle.

In my time away I got married, I got promoted, I gained friends, and I lost friends. Some family relationships fizzled out, but some new ones blossomed.

So where should I start?


Wedding sounds good. So, this is my opinion; you can agree to disagree if you would like, but the 1 1/2 years it took to plan the wedding – especially the last year – was an absolute nightmare. I would never do it again. Picking invitations; picking save the dates; picking a venue; picking a menu, where certain people should sit, what music should be played, what our song should be, what kind of cake, what should it look like… I could keep going, but I won’t. Some people think that all of that is absolutely fun. To me, unfortunately, it was not. And to top it off, I got pulled into my own bridal shower planning which that was a debacle in itself.

However, finally seeing it all come together on the day of, and how smoothly everything went and how nicely everything turned out, it was oddly satisfying.

So, where’s the geeky aspect to this? Well, I’m glad you asked. My husband and I decided that it wouldn’t have an actual theme, but it would be ode to our likes and favorite things altogether.

prorgramMy husband adores Mario and unfortunately our photographer did not get photos of these, but the way for people to find their seats were actually little Mario ? Boxes with the seat number inside. Actually, the boxes were these minus the candy. And who would have known that contacting the distributor of these lovely knick knacks, would actually mean you get a big discount than buying them at a store. We also found a Mario Star pinata and treasure chest that resembled one you would open in Super Mario 3, cut holes into them, and utilized them as our card holders.

To pay homage to my love for superheroes and comics (that has now rubbed off on my husband hardcore) one of my husband’s co-workers husband created a custom miniature comic to use as our wedding program. The inside was completely customized to our ceremony and all. Sorry that there’s not a better picture of it. As I’m writing this post, I’m noticing pictures I would’ve liked our photographer to take of things, haha. Also, we also had table numbers that reminded you of Clark Kent opening his shirt to reveal the “S” thanks to VanillaRetro over on Etsy.

cake-topperHowever, what I think takes the cake above each of these is the cake topper we had. Thanks to the awesome people over at they were able to create unique figures (technically just the head) of our likenesses and we were able to select a body to place them on. My husband’s favorite character is Captain America, so it was only fitting that he had the Captain America shirt. And me, well, I think it’s obvious who my favorite superhero is! Our cake was also somewhat comic themed with 8 action words you normally see within comics adorned on each of the tiers of the cake. We also made the tiers in red, yellow, blue, and green to symbolize some of our other favorites – like Iron Man & Hulk. Though the was a bit on the pricey side, it was a wonderful personal touch and it is a keepsake for the rest of our lives. It’s extremely solid and well created. I must say that it was money well spent.

Another little ode to a favorite of ours were our toasting glasses. We both love Game of Thrones and one day, shopping at this little multicultural store in Media, PA, we came across these beautiful gold-plated flutes. And the ornate design and intricacy of it just reminded both us of Westros and had the feel of royalty, houses, and kingdoms. I’ll let the picture speak for itself.


All in all, it was a wonderful day filled with joyous laughter, tears, and bright smiles. However, it went by in the blink of an eye due to not being able to really enjoy the day fully since we were playing host and hostess to our guests. If you have questions about anything you see here, are curious about where I looked for things, or just want wedding planning advise (even if its to vent!) please do not hesitate to contact me.

I’ll be back in a few to discuss more on the above topics.

Until next time, xo.

Game Review: LEGO Marvel Superheroes


I’m a bit behind since this game came out about a month ago, but I wanted to finish out the game to really get a good feel for it instead of playing some of it, raving about it, and then it not meeting expectations.

Now, I must say this game is cute; nostalgic even. Some of the characters they have accessible within the game just bring back memories from watching the X-Men back in the 90s and reading the comics back then. All of them as LEGO figurines touch my girlish heart. And if they ever make keychains- I want each and every one of them. This was also the first LEGO game I played that had actual voice actors too which brought a breath of fresh air to the LEGO game genre for me. I enjoyed the fact there was commentary. It made the game more fun and more humorous. Of course the little LEGO actions are funny, but when you have actual commentary like “Hulk Smash!” and he smashes someone, it makes it more worthwhile.

The landscaping and free play area is just mind-blowing. I loved having the ability to roam an almost accurate mini New York City of the Marvel-verse. I loved all the different costumes and characters that were available; however I did find it overwhelming. Sometimes I had to think, “okay, which Iron Man doesn’t hover?” since there are 6 different available Iron Man’s. That’s a little obsessive to me. Also, I found it overwhelming when it came to solving the little puzzles that involved multiple characters; especially remembering what twinkling color represented who.

Also, another thing that was a bit annoying to me was that it seemed that the game was slow to load for me. Now, I have one of the most recent Xbox’s (not the one they announced when they announced the Xbox One) and was not expecting the crazy load times that I had. Also, I felt like I was waiting for my Xbox to blow up with the way it sounded while loading. I made sure it wasn’t the console either by trying out my other games, worried that something was wrong with my Xbox, but that was not the case. So, I’m not going to lie that did take away from the game, as well as the glitches I encountered.  I don’t know if it’s caused by the loading issue but sometimes I’d had to restart the game or restart a level because a character got stuck in some god forsaken stupid place that did not allow me to get them out. For instance, Black Widow was a character on the board at the time. All of a sudden she disappeared and I continuously heard the sound of LEGO limbs breaking as I watched my LEGO tokens drop lower and lower. I even tried switching to her and seeing what happened and it wouldn’t even let me do that. So, I had to reset the level to fix it.

It’s stuff like this that turns me off from playing certain games. Since I beat it will I finish out the achievements? Most likely not, because I just don’t feel like dealing with the load times and the glitches. I’m not blaming the developer or my Xbox. It could be a defective disc for all I know. But that just takes away from a good game for me.

The storyline in general was good. I liked it. It was original. Loki-oriented of course since everyone seems to love Loki nowadays (thank you Tom Hiddleston). So, no complaints there!

So what’s my rating? If it wasn’t for the overwhelming of characters and abilities and such it would have a 10/10 for me. But because of this issue, I would say the game is an 8/10.

It’s a must play though for any superhero fan, especially a Marvel one, like me.

Until next time, xo.

Young Adult Books That Had An Impact

Yesterday, while playing on my social media accounts, I found what I considered to be a wonderful bracket poll that Entertainment Weekly is doing. They’re asking us, their readers, what is the best young adult book of all time? Now, to me, there are some that shouldn’t be on that list and there are some that are missing, but looking at the list got me thinking of the books that impacted my childhood and youth.

For instance, one that is on that list is Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher.

Now, this is going to get very candid from here on out…

For those who don’t know about the book, Thirteen Reasons Why is written in the perspective of a girl who committed suicide and its title is based on the number of reasons why the girl committed suicide. A note with thirteen names was given to be handed off to each person on that list that also included a map and cassette tapes. The girl then takes you on a journey through the perspective of one of the thirteen people and herself, of course because of the cassette tape.

The story is an emotional rollercoaster and a touching one at that because every single person in this world can relate to something in this novel. You may not be the girl, who committed suicide, but you could’ve turned a blind eye to someone, something, or a situation, could’ve teased someone because everyone else was and you didn’t want to be mocked, be the mean girl or guy in a situation because you know cliques get catty no matter guy or girl clique….we all have been someone described.

And for me, when I read this book, I was the girl who committed suicide; but I survived. However, I could list out and relate to some of the reasons she did it. I had people who lied and destroy my reputation; I had been sexually assaulted by guys I considered friends; I turned blind eyes and felt guilty later on; I didn’t do something (or did do something) and then felt immense guilt later on… I think people don’t realize what their actions may set in motion at the time of doing said action and this realization, the way it’s put in the book, really brings you to back down to earth. At some points I wanted to stop reading because I would find myself relating so much to Hannah, the girl who commits suicide, and find myself remembering situations that happened exactly as it’s written out, but I felt that reading the book was a way of coping with my memories and coping with what happened. It made me feel like I’m not alone. And I’m not. And since I read that book I’ve become more open and honest about my past because I never know who I will help. I still have issues; I still don’t find myself confident enough or anything like that, but I know—I know hands down—that I am strong enough to deal with whatever life throws at me no matter how hard it is, no matter how slow I go through it. Life is worth living.

Another one, which is not on the bracket, is The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime by Mark Haddon. Now, this is a toss –up as a YA book. I think Europe says it’s YA, but America doesn’t, but I read it as a teen, so it’s YA to me.

This book is about a boy named Christopher who has a form of mental or behavioral disability (though I seem to link it to autism due to personal knowledge of the disability). One night his neighbor’s dog is killed, the police suspect him, and he tries to find out why and who did it because it bothered him so much. So, he starts being kind of like Harriet the Spy and questioning his neighbors, who he had never interacted with before and  trying to piece the puzzle together.  What makes this unique though, and impacted me, is that the story is told through Christopher’s view. And since he has a form of autism it allows you to see/read into the thought process of a child with autism who are normally extremely intelligent and highly functional. My cousin’s have autism; one severe, one not so severe. The one who is severe is 17 and cannot speak at all. She can say like mom, or I want, and things like that, but she’s can’t have a conversation like we do today. But I remember when she was 3 or 4, instead of throwing toys all over the place she was lining them up, putting them in size and shape order, putting them in color order—I was amazed. I certainly wasn’t clean at that age nor cared about lining things up or putting them in color order. I was always fascinated by her and this book, whether it’s a true glimpse or not, gave me an idea what it’s like to be the mind of an autistic child. It also made me understand more what my aunt goes through raising two autistic children as a single mother since Christopher’s father was raising him on his own as well. It’s a book I will always cherish.

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck; this is a heart breaking story, but it’s a true testament of friendship and love. This book is set during the Great Depression and the main characters, George and Lennie, and trekking the country to find work at ranches to make it by. However, Lennie has a mental disability as well as having a love for soft things. He constantly tells the story of wanting to touch soft bunnies and cuddling them. George also constantly looks out for and after Lennie, like a brother, a best friend. He kept him out of trouble and in the end…well… you’ll have to read it to find out.

The Diary of Anne Frank by Anne Frank. Until I read this book, I didn’t really fully understand what happened during World War II. I didn’t fully understand the hatred that was really built up against the Jews (I feel bad even just saying Jews). It also made me realize what it was like to be a person oppressed, in hiding, living off of nothing, scared for your life because your kind wasn’t liked. I feel like this was much worse than slavery and much worse than segregation.  This was wiping out an entire people. I still can’t fathom today how and why that happened and happens because it’s still going on today. It just grounds me every time I read this book.

For now… I’m done…I may come back and write about more books, but these are the 4 that have definitely stood out for me.

Until next time, xo.

 p.s.: to check out Entertainment Weekly’s bracket click here.

Costumes of the Past- Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween gremlins and goblins!

It seems that there’s tons of news stories and blog posts about the top slutty costumes, the top offensive costumes, etc., but I think I’m going to do a spin on it—unfortunately, I have no pictures to go with this blog—but how about the most meaningful/memorable costumes?

Yes, I am actually going to blog about my memories of dressing up for Halloween for the 26 years I existed (I just gave away my age…oops)…

Halloween is my absolute most favorite holiday. I love decorating; dressing up; giving out candy; seeing all the inventive ideas of costumes…

I was never one to be able to create a costume, it was always store bought, but I remember some of them pretty damn well– like in kindergarten.

I don’t know what it exactly was, but I know I had a Minnie Mouse mask on and the top was pink with Minnie Mouse on it and the bottom was a skirt spotted in yellow and pink….and this was something from Kmart (no wonder it sounds a mess…). And the reason I remember this one is well, because it looked so fucking weird.

Remember when Aladdin came out? And every little girl at that time wanted to be Jasmine for Halloween? Well, yeah, I was one of those girls at the time. She was awesome! She’s still my favorite Disney princess! She’s a bad ass unlike the others. Well, instead of looking remotely like a Princess Jasmine, I looked more like…. A bad rip off—that’s the nicest way to say it.  I have no idea where this costume came from, but it was the Arabian like pants with gold sequins around the waist band and leg bands, and a bright, fluorescent orange halfie-top with the same gold sequins around the waistband and arm bands.  It then came with a stretch gold sequined headband with a purple jewel in the middle.  My picture of me in this costume is a glorious photo because I am not smiling and I am totally rolling my eyes. AND to top it off, I went to my school’s Halloween party like this….where every little girl was a better looking Jasmine than me…I should have just been the damn Genie or Aladdin himself…

We then skip forward a couple years to when the Power Rangers came out.  This is when I actually liked my costumes. I got to be the Pink Ranger AND the White Ninja Ranger at some point in time and let me tell you, I was probably in my glory with these ones.  I do remember the Pink Ranger picture my mom took of me too, in her stance and all. I felt so, totally, Bad. Ass. — I still am bad ass, but that’s beside the point. I loved the Power Rangers and I still love them. They are forever a part of me. IT’S MORPHIN’ TIME!

Ah, the boy band era…as I got older, of course I got girlier…I may not have played with Barbies (unless it was Sailor Jupiter), but I was (and still am) obsessed with boy bands.  So obsessed, that I dressed up as AJ McLean; tattoos (at the time, which wasn’t as many as today) and all. And I don’t know if this is the best part or the worst part, but when trick or treating people actually knew who I was and complimented me.

Hey! Remember that time boys loved dressing up as girls! Neither do I! But I had two friends who were ecstatic to dress up as girls for Halloween. This year I was just a goth girl, but the reason this Halloween costume was memorable was because of my two friends who made it memorable.  Heels and all. I love you guys. Thanks for the memories.

And then we fast forward all the way to college. College my costumes got sluttier, but cooler. I was a witch devil or something like that for my freshmen year, Batgirl for my sophomore year, Robin for my junior year, and then in 2009 I made my own costume and was Harley Quinn from Arkham Asylum- and that’s the one I’m most proud of.

I also did dress as a zombie with friends around Halloween time my sophomore year as well and we shambled all over campus scaring the shit out of people…. I have pictures to share at least of all the college ones, but the younger ones, I’ll have to dig for whenever I go back home to visit.

So, do any of my readers (if there are any) have memorable costume stories?  Leave it in the comments.

Until next time, xo.


New York Comic Con 2013 Recap: Sunday- 10/13/2013

Sunday was supposed to be a day filled with awesome panels like Person of Interest, The Following, and Sleepy Hollow. However, some wrenches were thrown into that plan.

Before we left Saturday night, we stopped by the Marvel booth to see if they had a Wolverine statue because we never thought to look there. Unfortunately, they didn’t, but we did find out that Stan Lee was doing a signing on Sunday but that it was a ticketed event. We asked about it and found out that they were doing a raffle Sunday morning. My fiance and I looked at each other and pretty much said at the exact same time, “we gotta try!” So, Sunday morning, we left for the Con an hour early, was very close to the front of the line (which I forgot to mention, on Queue Hall for us, we had Special Access for all 4-Days), and rushed over to the Marvel booth as soon as the doors opened for us.  A guy explained that there were only 100 winners in a box and that only the winners would get Stan’s autograph. We were about 10th in line, so I was a little worried about our chances. I thought that the more people in front of us, the better because all the losers would be taken out, but my fiance thought otherwise. Well, he was right.  He didn’t pick a winner, but I certainly did–

Golden Ticket for Stan Lee

Golden Ticket for Stan Lee

I was ecstatic! Not only were we doing a paid photo-op with the man, I was going to meet him again and get his autograph! I was in heaven! We both totally felt on top of the world the rest of the day until it was our photo op times.  On Sunday we did Patrick Stewart, Hulk Hogan, and Stan Lee. Stan Lee was first on the list and they were quick about it. It was perfect. His shot time was at 1:15, but it started earlier, and he was done before his allotted time slot. However, I can’t say the same for Hulk Hogan… the Hulkster was supposed to be right after Stan at 1:35, but at 1:35 we could all see him still at his autograph table signing and taking pictures with fans (which if we knew we could do that, we would’ve never paid for the photo op cause that meant we would’ve got his autograph and a photo with him). So, we continued to wait and wait; it hit about 2pm– he was still over there– then the photo op people announced Hulk Hogan would be doing photos at 2:25 and they were taking the next photo op first. Now, obviously seeing in the photo above, that posed as a problem to me. My Stan Lee signing was at 2:30 and I don’t like being late or being cut for time. But my fiance assured me that all would be okay, Stan was signing till 3pm, we were about 15th in line for Hulkster, we saw how fast they did Stan. He was right, but I still felt uneasy. Finally, Hulk Hogan came over, we did our photo op, and by the time we were done it was 2:40. We then ran to the exhibitor floor, all the way to the other side of the building pretty much. We get to the Marvel booth and all I saw was utter chaos. I asked a Marvel employee about where I go, I have a golden ticket, they have no idea. So, we went around to the entrance– or so it seemed– to the stage that Stan was on which was also to the line THAT WAS GENERAL PUBLIC for the Stan Lee signing.

Now, weren’t we told earlier that only the ticket holders would get the signing? Yes. Did that happen? Absolutely not (you can throw some expletives in there too). When we got there the guy controlling the line was like “okay last one for the signing!” to a girl in line. I was like “Wait I have a golden ticket!” he actually said to me “What’s a golden ticket?” My mouth dropped as I pulled out the ticket and the card I pulled out that said winner. He then turned around to his co-worker and said, “What is up with people pulling out these golden tickets for the signing?” ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? At this point, I was fuming, and to be quite honest I still am because I was once a Marvel intern. I respect the company, the artists, the other employees, but the way I was treated, and we- the ticket holders- got treated, was completely uncalled for– chaotic or not. But this point in time it was only 2:50, Stan Lee was done and started to leave the stage, luckily his agent maybe or bodyguard, brought him over to the four of us standing there with the tickets, signed whatever we had, then left. And just thinking of this makes me mad.

To be honest, after the Con, I actually sent an email to Marvel about this whole shindig. I haven’t gotten a reply nor to I expect one, but maybe they’ll read it and learn for next time, because that is not the way to treat fans. EVER.  Also, here’s the autograph-

Stan Lee autograph

Stan Lee autograph

Anyway, now that I got that out of my system. I wanted to see the Sleepy Hollow panel that was at 3pm, but there was also a free autographing with the cast at 4pm. From past experience we had a feeling that the line for the autographing was going to be insane, so, we skipped the panel, grabbed food, then headed back over to the autographing hall- only to find that the Sleepy Hollow signing line was all the bad to the escalator. But we decided to give it a shot because lines always shorten because it’s elongated from people sitting down, etc. So, while we were standing there my fiance said he was going to go grab our photos from earlier. The photos were sitting on two or three tables against the wall across from us. I waited a little bit; it was crowded over there, but its easy to pick my fiance out in a crowd, but he wasn’t over there. All of a sudden my phone rings, it’s him. I answered to which he told me that someone in spite or just being a dick decided to swipe all the photos on the table and now he was in line over at the photo op table to get our photos reprinted. I was in shock a bit. Who would do that? Seriously? Are you that pissed off you couldn’t get a photo with Patrick Stewart or John Barrowman that you had to take all the photos and trash them or keep them or do whatever you did to them? But, I do blame Reedpop and Froggy Photos for not having someone guarding the table AND for having the table WWAYYYY far away from the actual photo op area then someone could keep an eye on the table.

There was nothing we could do, so at least we were both in a line. I felt bad because I knew he wanted to go back upstairs for a little and play some of the games he missed out on, but now this threw a wrench into his plan. Then, Fox decided to throw a wrench into mine. They cut the line at 180 people. Where was I? About 200. So, I was disappointed, but at least I could head over to the line where my fiance was then he could go back upstairs, which he did.

The Con closed at 5pm and the literally started breaking things down at the time, and we were still in line for our reprints. We didn’t leave until 5:30 and the line behind us was massive and the pay station for the photo ops was getting bombarded by other angry people who didn’t know what happened yet. I felt kind of bad for the people working the pay station because they couldn’t do anything about it; they’re gathering money and selling the tickets. The other lazy ones in the back should’ve been watching the photos.  Anyways, and that was our New York Comic Con 2013.  Unfortunately, next year’s NYCC lands on the weekend of my wedding, so it will not be possible to attend. However, we plan on making up for it with either PAX East or San Diego Comic Con 2015 or both, who knows 😉

Here’s the pictures from Sunday!

Until next time, xo.